explain the source of the news to others, but after a short period of hesitation, he still broke his words: “There is a situation in the Changfeng Fortress, I doubt it. Francis II is in danger and fatal danger.”

“What?!” Byron was taken aback, and even his chin almost squatted. The middle-aged knight’s eyes widened, “Lord, is your news reliable? How did you know this news? Yes?!” It’s
a thousand miles away from Changfeng Fortress. The situation over there can’t be transmitted to Cecil Byron so quickly, but he clearly heard it. Gawain said that Francis II was “in danger”. The tone was as if he had just seen something with his own eyes!
“Special news channel,” Gawain glanced at Byron with his expression unchanged, and decided to use the most unreasonable “I am your ancestor, so I know everything” logic to ignore this detail, “Anyway, we have to do it. Good preparations for the King’s death and even Prince Edmund’s preparations for the death.”
This astonishing incident 西安耍耍论坛 stunned the three people in front of Gawain. Knight Philip subconsciously pressed his hands on his chest 西安桑拿按摩网 and recited the title of God of War: “Kay, God of War” Yeah, what is going to happen tonight”
“If the king dies on the eastern border Anzu will definitely face war,” Heidi quickly started the deduction, “the key now is the relationship between all this and the
Tiphons ” Heidi said nothing. After that, the window of the study room was suddenly pushed open by a pair of invisible hands. A cold night breeze engulfed the room. Amber’s figure lightly jumped from the window sill in front of Gao Wen. She was panting violently, obviously. Rushed back all the way at the fastest speed.
In fact, in order to rush back to the lord’s mansion from the southernmost point of the rebellious fortress, she squeezed her shadow power to the limit for the first time in her life. By constantly shuttle between the shadow world and the present world, she 西安桑拿夜网 spent just half an hour Finished almost a day and a half in the time!