ts helped persuade.

Jiang Hao thought for a while, and finally shook his head and refused, “I 西安品茶网 just like cooking, but I never thought about being a chef.”
He didn’t think that being a chef in a bar was not worthy of his talent, nor did he dislike the lack of money, mainly because he didn’t think it was necessary. In order to make money, I specialize as a chef.
After drinking and eating, everyone went back 西安夜网论坛 to each house. Jiang Hao and the mustache boss greeted and left, and the mustache boss chased it out and said, “Brother Jiang, think about it again. I will raise it to ten thousand a month for you. If you want to, tomorrow Come to work.”
“Thank you, Brother Zhou, for your love, but I still don’t want to be trapped in the small space of the kitchen. If I really can’t get mixed up in the future, I will consider becoming a chef.” Jiang Hao smiled and patted a little. The bearded boss’s shoulders left.
The moustache boss knew that he couldn’t keep anyone, so he couldn’t help but shook his head.
Although he slept very late, Jiang Hao got up at six o’clock and ran from home to the riverside park. This time he ran two blocks away before going home.
Since being chased and chopped by someone last time, Jiang Hao has fully realized that 西安耍耍网 running is a very important survival skill for mankind. If he couldn’t get past those thugs, he might be hacked to death by them.
In ancient times, human beings relied on running, catching up with prey, avoiding danger, and avoiding countless natural enemies. This is how human society is now.
After breakfast, Jiang Hao began to read books. His mind was not particularly good about those books about fitness coaches, but he knew that he worked hard, and he planned to eat these books in a month.
From this day on, he entered the life mode of reading + exercising. One month later, Jiang Hao took the primary certification exam for fitness instructors, and finally passed the fitness instructor primary certification.
Opel Beauty and Fitness Club, in the manager’s of