atry, there are few special cases in the world that rely on mechanical transformation to achieve a strong level. What’s more, the mechanical guard in front of me doesn’t even have a physical part. It is 100% made up of pure machinery. Today, the only person on earth who can produce similar combat weapons is the toy marshal of the inverse cross.

The sharpest point is that this guard is designed by combining flea ai and genes with humans.
Fleas are completely metamorphic insects. Of course, this “complete metamorphosis” refers to biology, not spiritual. The shell of this insect can bear a weight 90 times its body weight, can skip a distance 350 times its body length, and can live for half a year without eating any food for twelve months since childhood. If you suck a few mouthfuls of blood, you can live for half a year. There is a superhero-Fleaman, then the superpower of this hero is that he can fall from a height of a thousand meters to a hard ground and be safe and sound; he can withstand a thousand kilograms of weight from a height of a thousand meters. On himself, he can also jump over the distance of a football field and so on.
All in all, the mechanical guard’s shell is incredibly tough and its combat capability is extremely strong. It’s no wonder that the gunsmith’s bone gun can’t leave a trace on his face.
It’s a pity that this guy met Suyside, and it can only be regarded as unlucky. The material of the mechanical guards is different from the black metal of the exterior wall of the ruins, and there is no direct support of the core energy and the outer repulsion system. Therefore, Sui Said’s ability can play a role in it.
Dark Shui stood on the floor, looking up, his cyan eyes could see the energy change. In his sight, the mechanical guard was eroded by energy from the head, and the impact quickly spread to the whole body, causing it to melt into molten iron in a dozen seconds.
After solving this trap, the two people who were on a high place jumped back to the ground, and the gunsmith immediate