ice the QR of the wine barrel in the next game.” Yu Luosheng said.

“The tricks of wine barrels are fairly easy, right? Diamond wine barrels can generally complete QR.” Yi Qin said.
“I did not practice that.”
“Speaking of which, the barrel has been redone.” Yi Qin said.
“Well, I know, but before redoing, he was still very good.” Yu Luosheng said.
The LOL version changes quickly, and the game server is often fixed on a certain version to avoid the balance of the game caused by the change of the version. After all, the Korean and American versions are earlier, but the domestic version is a lot behind.
Therefore, in the game uniform, Keg is still the mid laner he used to be in last season.
“It’s going to play the day after tomorrow, are you confident?” Yi Qin asked.
“I don’t know,” Yu Luosheng said.
“You actually want to see what you care about?” Yi Qin said.
If the accomplishment obtained by doing everything is impossible to share with those who care about it, then this accomplishment will appear very empty.
Yu Luosheng never expected the whole world to be watching him, all he wanted was that the people he cared could see.
Yiqin already understood this from the message he gave himself.
Seeing that Yu Luosheng remained silent, Yiqin hesitated for a while and typed a line: “If I will be in the game the day after tomorrow, will you play yourself better?”
Looking at this line, Yu Luo Sheng was stunned.
Why does it feel that this sentence is more like she is asking herself: “Am I the one you care about?”
Chapter 667 of the main text, e-sports gods and demons!
The Seoul Arena opens. In this largest e-sports arena that can accommodate 24,000 people, the scene of more than 20,000 people cheering together will definitely shock everyone’s attention! !
The arena takes on a semi-elliptical shape that is not completely regular, and the seats inside are rendered in mechanical colors. It looks like everyone is shrunk, and then placed inside a colorful mouse full of electric equipment, resembling