on is really the strongest jungler in China, Zhao Tinghua, then his arrival is nothing short of it. An honor for Slee!

“Unfortunately not.” Yi Qin shook his head.
“I don’t think the blood sculpture looks like this.”
“He has mid- length hair, he should be paler, and he still wears a blood-colored bead rope in his hand. I asked the gorilla coach, and the gorilla coach listened to the eagle said. It was a safety bracelet given to him by a little girl. It must be worn all the time. I saw it in the S-League, but this Chinese friend did not.” said the beautiful girl of wheat color.
“That’s not him”
discussion has never stopped, and everyone is constantly speculating about the identity of the jungler.
Yiqin kept laughing in his heart. These people would never think that this powerful jungler is actually the Pluto they often talk about. It is probably because everyone’s thinking is fixed on the issue of jungler, and Pluto is an assistant. , And is known as ADC!
In the bonfire group, everyone discussed the identity of Yu Luosheng.
Here, Yu Luosheng was pressed again by sap, which made Yu Luosheng really embarrassed.
“If you don’t tell me, I can also guess.” Finally, Sap said.
“Since I guessed it, what else are you asking!” Yu Luosheng said dissatisfied.
“I just didn’t expect your jungle strength to be so strong.” A light flashed in Sap’s eyes, and this light was more like a ignited fighting spirit.
This made Yu Luosheng a little puzzled, what is the situation of Sap who is about to duel with himself? Are we team friendly?
“Normally, just play around.” Yu Luosheng humbled a bit.
“Really?” Sap snorted coldly.
Sap basically sees through Yu Luosheng. In the eyes of others, Yu Luosheng dressed like this is probably difficult to identify. On the one hand, he is more dark than on the screen. On the other hand, this guy wears glasses. On the screen, he never With glasses.
If this guy is that person, and Sap feels that everything is stunned, that person is indeed worthy of this ability.