oo slow.

Tang Qi was still talking to Angel Beast Elder Ainiya one second before, and then turned his head to look at Bakhturas, who was half of his body into the gate of hell, after a second.
His gaze first fell on the truly terrifying portal. The portal was made up of smooth human skin, rotten flesh, skeleton, limbs, and head. The thick blood ticked on it, and a familiar breath immediately permeated. .
This glance verifies the source of a strange object that Tang Qi obtained a long time ago.
The curtain of hell!
It was a piece of human skin, a part of the sealed high-level strange thing Hell House.
Tang Qi had doubts when he was still in Messer City, but now he confirms.
“Sure enough, the so-called house of hell is indeed a gateway to the hell kingdom.”
“This is also just right. Next time I call you, I can provide accommodation.”
Bach Turas heard the inexplicable words, but his figure was not at all. Stagnant, the Dark Lord is never disturbed.
It’s a pity that Tang Qi’s attack fell long before he spoke.
Above the portal of hell, a tentacle was wrapped around another divine object, the “Thorns of Truth” transmitted from Tang Qi on the 2nd.
The treatment once enjoyed by Flora and the mermaid queen Neva descended on the Dark Lord.
Bach Turas, who was about to flee, solidified, and a scream of pain was spit out from his mouth.
His ear, he heard something that almost chew teeth sarcastic:
“Martin Sims have you smoked, how can I lose the old man.”
Seven hundred and ninetieth IX Star Destroyer model
nobody A lash that can resist the thorns of truth. Using the thorns of truth to lash others is a very good experience. This is the sigh from the ancient tree judge who used thorns for a short time when he returned the thorns to Tang Qi at the end of the trial.
In other words, experience summary.
As the master of the thorns of truth, Tang Qi agreed.
As another “victim” of this fetish, the Dark Lord Bach Turas wanted to swear bad words, but his perfect attitude prev