can still give you a ring on one knee.”

John curled his lips: “This joke is not so funny the second time.”
When they came under the tree, The scene in front of him is indeed not so funny, because the unknown creature is not here.
“It looks like it can get away with a shot in the knee, right?” This time it was John’s turn to speak coldly.
The gunsmith glanced around, and the black creature was nowhere to be found. He squatted down and stared at a small puddle of black liquid on the ground. He didn’t dare to touch it with his hands, just walked in and smelled it: “Do you think this is its blood?”
John also observed the surrounding environment and replied: “If it is blood, it will drip all the way when it escapes, but you see, there are no footprints and no black blood drops. , There is no trace of climbing on the tree.” The
gunsmith continued: “So it stopped the bleeding within a few seconds, and then flew out silently, directly escaping a distance of more than 50 meters.”
John Tan. Open your hands: “There is another explanation. As long as a part of it is shot, the whole body will evaporate in an instant, leaving only this little black water.” The
gunsmith stood up and said, “Go ahead and hope you are right. ”
Volume 4 Man-Eating Rainforest Chapter 7 Crossing the River
Although I temporarily got rid of the black unidentified creatures, doubts still hung over the hearts of the gunsmith and John. There are many strange things in this rainforest. When the two of them relax slightly, new abnormalities will appear. Fortunately, this place is not a desert, so there are no major problems in obtaining food and water. Otherwise, under such tremendous psychological pressure, the basic physical needs will not be guaranteed, and John Nasi may have a mental breakdown at any time.
In the blink of an eye, two hours have passed since the black episode. During this time, the gunsmith and John didn’t say much, and the two returned to their morning speed. Even if they were tired, they clenched their teeth, as