aku + Pluto, we will play a lot easier in the next road.” Hephaestus said.

Hephaestus and Yu Luosheng had a trick. At that time, when Yu Luosheng was still cooperating with another ADC, Hephaestus was already under a lot of pressure. Now the combination of Pluto + Suzaku is even more impressive. No one is invincible.
What’s interesting is that their Chinese team broke up their original strongest combination and replaced them with veterans who were actually about to be eliminated. Doesn’t this mean deliberately giving up a game with a big chance of winning?
It’s really a group of guys who would rather be stubborn. They lost once that year, and now they are about to lose again. They mourned in advance.
“The players are ready!”
“The contestants enter the field!”
“The united front is on the field!”
Referee Li Jingren said in English.
After the players from both sides showed off, they all entered the isolated room.
As usual, the isolation room is divided into a competition area and a waiting area. Five players and the United Front will enter the competition area, and other personnel will watch and wait on the waiting area.
“I’m here to give you command today. Anyway, this is the first time for me.” Coach Huang Kang stood in his united front position and sighed with emotion.
Li Tuchuan is the head coach, and most of the tactics in the previous games were Li Tuchuan invented. Most of them were in charge of the united front.
The AOE magic harvesting system of Dead Song and Catalina is Li Tuchuan’s idea. In fact, this system is very old and very old tactics, and it has been gradually eliminated due to the appearance of new heroes and changes in version. , But the LOL system itself is a spiral of tactics, the old tactics will be replaced by the new tactics, and then the new tactics are easily restrained by the previous tactics.
In today’s era when many top-ranked heroes have been cut into dogs, top-ranked Fattan heroes are becoming more and more popular.
The old tree spirit, top single Annie, F