fairy on my body. Accompanied by Xu Yin, if it dares to come in, don’t blame me for deceiving less.” The

elevator continued to go up, and when the eleventh floor was approaching, Chen Ge’s heart raised.
But to his surprise, the elevator did not stop on the 11th floor this time, and the numbers slowly changed. Before Chen Ge could breathe a sigh of relief, the elevator stopped on the 13th floor.
“Someone is coming in again?” The
silver-gray elevator door slowly opened, and an old woman in black clothes and a thick scarf stood outside.
She looks very old, wrinkles on her face are like bean curd skin, her head is full of silver hair, her hands and feet are all covered in her clothes.
The other party didn’t seem to expect that there would be someone in the elevator, and stood outside for a while.
“Strange” her voice was very low, and she did not enter the elevator until the elevator door began to close.
“At night, why are so many people taking the elevator? I can’t squeeze it down anymore.”
Chen Ge heard the words of the old lady, and the cold sweat on his forehead came out. He was originally prepared to bully the less with more, but now it seems that something has happened. Changed.
“No wonder Bi Xian is so honest and has no response at all, and this guy doesn’t give me any hints.”
Sweeping left and right, he was clearly the only person in the elevator, but recalling the words of the old lady, Chen Ge’s heart beat even harder.
“There must be something wrong. Even in the third ward, I have never been so nervous.” Chen Ge forced himself to remain calm, but his brain seemed to be stimulated by something invisible, and he kept releasing it. Watch out for danger signs.
“This old lady is not right. She wears black clothes and a scarf when she
goes out at night. Is she that cold?” After meeting the old lady, there was no problem with the elevator anymore. It seemed that she was in the elevator as she said. It’s already crowded with people, and people outside can’t get in even if they