d, and it has been faked.

Last time I was planning to break through fraud and fake visions for myself.
Daxia Mansion pays too much attention to killing, and doesn’t know much about these things.
Daming Mansion.
Zhu Tiandao took a look, his eyes were strange. I thought it was a real ruin, but it turned out to be a fake. Su Yu, didn’t he take out his ruins.
Okay, he took it seriously.
“The spatial stability is not enough.” The
Xia family didn’t communicate with him, and Zhu Tiandao didn’t care. If it weren’t for Su Yu, the Xia family wouldn’t tell 西安品茶网 him anything. Maybe he had to suspect that King Daming was a traitor. This possibility is still very high.
Now that Su Yu trusted him before telling him something, Zhu Tiandao was still a little relieved.
However, the spatial stability is improved to the point where it can maintain invincible proof. It really needs to be as simple as that, and it is very difficult.
It’s not that simple to use fakes to be true.
After thinking for a while, Zhu Tiandao replied: “It’s not impossible to improve the stability of the space. It will cost a lot of money. I will give you a few options. First, integrate a lot of heaven and earth profound light, this thing is already stable. The physical body strengthens the function of the physical body. Nature, heaven and earth bred, and also has the function of strengthening space.”
“Secondly, breaking a large number of divine texts, divine texts are broken, and it also has the effect of stabilizing space.”
“Third, one or more heavenly weapons are needed . It’s okay to integrate into it.”
“Fourth, the most stable thing is usually a carrying object. This thing is hard to find. If you integrate 西安耍耍网 this into space, you can also stabilize the space. This thing can withstand the erosion of the long river of time, you know. What is a bearer?”
“Fifth, Tianyuanqi, countless Tianyuanqi, Tianyuanqi also has the role of stabilizing space.”
“Sixth, formation, powerful formation”
Zhu Tiandao said a variety of op