nts to get some information, but he can’t say it too bluntly.

“Besides, we can’t think of other explanations.”
“I heard people say that all 西安桑拿夜网 the old things were brought into the haunted house by a manager surnamed Jiang. Will Manager Jiang know about it?” Chen Ge asked with curiosity: “What is the origin of this manager? It takes a lot of money to build such a big haunted house. Why did 西安夜生活论坛 your park executives agree?”
“Jiang Jiu himself is one of the park’s decision makers. He is also a shareholder of the park. He used to do real estate before. I heard that he talked to your park ten years ago. Director Luo had a conflict.” Xiaoling sat on the hospital bed again: “Anyway, it’s very powerful. A small employee like me can only look up.”
“A conflict with Luo Dong?” Chen Ge didn’t think of this. Now I felt like I was standing in a spider web that had been woven for several years. He vaguely saw the truth, but at the same time the prey spiders also saw him.
“Yes, they used to do real estate. I don’t know why they all took a fancy to a piece of land in the western suburbs. In the end, that piece of land was taken by Director Luo.” The woman with long black hair seems to know a lot of things, she herself The aura that comes 西安品茶网 with it is also different from ordinary employees.
“Is it the land of New Century Paradise?”
“Well, that land looked very ordinary at the time, but now I have to admire the eyes of the big guys.”
“Average?” Chen Ge on the ground knows that it is very ordinary, but underground It doesn’t have to be, he kept an eye on it, and changed the subject.
“The grievances of the older generation have nothing to do with us. I want to understand now that Jiang Jiu deliberately stuffed those old objects into the haunted house, and the purpose does not seem to be simple.” Chen Ge pondered for a moment: “I went to check after leaving your paradise. A lot of information found that the shrine was not used to worship ghosts and gods, but to curse. There is a clay sculpture in ea