ers the phone, he avoids me. He seems a little scared that his brother-in-law is right. Once Liu Zhe didn’t know why he was with him. The brother-in-law quarreled. Liu Zhe was almost crying and begging his brother-in-law, saying that he never wanted to enter those red passages anymore.”

“Then what did his brother-in-law say?” The underground corpse’s passages are divided into three types according to their functions. , Li Zheng just told Chen Ge before.
“His brother-in-law’s voice is very low. I can’t hear it clearly. It seems to say that after entering the red channel, as long as there is no sound, it’s okay.”
“You can’t make a sound in the red channel. Okay, I see.” Chen Ge nodded silently. , Liu Xianxian accidentally revealed to him a very important message.
After asking some more questions and making sure that there were 西安夜桑拿网 no omissions, Chen Ge sent Liu Xianxian back to the 西安桑拿按摩网 Forensic Medicine School. Before leaving, he asked her to stay at school in the past few days and don’t go to places with few people.
Taking a taxi to the third ward, Chen Ge sorted all the information on his mobile phone in the taxi. What he is doing now is to prepare for the crypt of the Jiujiang Forensic Medical School.
Nearly eleven o’clock in the evening, Chen Ge came to the third ward. This time he took all the ghosts in the horror room with him, and he was not afraid that the master of Men Nan would be disadvantageous to him.
After paying for the car, Chen Ge climbed over the fence and went straight to the third ward.
Not seen for a few weeks, the third ward has not changed much.
Tore off the seal on the door, Chen Ge pushed open the iron door of the ward and went to the outside of the third ward.
The master of Mennan 西安桑拿夜网 once said that at midnight every night, the blood door in the third ward would open for one minute. If Chen Ge wants to find him, he can come at this time.
Guarding outside Ward No. 3, Chen Ge became nervous as time passed slowly. This was the first time he took the initiative to enter