d been leaning against the rain under a roof, suddenly stood up straight and looked at the end of a road, where a man in black was slowly walking towards him.

Zhou Qi turned his head and looked in the other direction again. Similarly, the man in black on the empty street looked particularly abrupt.
For a while, people in black were slowly approaching in the four directions of the intersection, as if they 西安夜网论坛 had already completed the encirclement of Luo Lan.
At this time, the people in Los Angeles had been scared by the gunshots and hid at home, and the few who were bolder dared to look outside through the window.
Therefore, the people who will appear here are here to kill.
Luo Lan grinned and said: “I said that as soon as Ren Xiaosu appeared, he would follow Ren Xiaosu, even I didn’t care about me. The co-author was to take some cannon fodder to drive Ren Xiaosu away from this place, and then send a killer to deal with me. There is a game in the game, such an opponent is a bit interesting.”
Zhou Qi stood in front of Luo Lan silently: “Don’t mumble, get up later, don’t leave my body for three meters.”
Luo Lan looked at it. Zhou Qi’s back was happy: “You are asking for money, but there is still such a time of righteousness? I didn’t bring the money out this time.”
Zhou Qi rolled his eyes and said, “Your brother paid the money yesterday. . the ” ”
Pooh, “Luo Lan contempt:” I thought you changed temper it, 西安夜桑拿网 co-author or for the money. ”
at this rain, the Luo Lan and Zhou actually almost got into a fight.
It’s just that when the four assassins entered within a radius of 100 meters, Zhou Qi’s expression suddenly became serious. This was a lore that the other party carefully prepared for Luo Lan. The person who came must be very strong.
In an instant, the dense drizzle floating in the sky suddenly changed a bit. When the raindrops fell, they were stretched by invisible force, and slowly turned from droplets into long and narrow silver needles.
When the drizzle fell on the ground again