ey are caught by a barbarian and thrown back, it will be all over.

The recruit egg suddenly remembered that when he was chatting with the 西安夜网论坛 squad leader a few days ago, he asked the squad leader: “What is the difference between a veteran and a recruit? Except for having never been on the battlefield, and have not killed anyone.”
As a result, the veteran’s answer made him cloudless. , The squad leader said: “Under the bronze bell of Fort 178 are the great molars of the martyrs. Those are the predecessors who died in battle. Do you remember the words engraved on the bronze bell? People should be like candles all their lives. Burn to the end, always light. Our veteran is this candle, responsible for giving you young recruits eggs, illuminating the road ahead, and also illuminating the way home.”
Until this moment, the recruits realized that this sentence is in the end. What means.
The veteran supported the bunker with one hand and planned to pull out of the bunker.
But between 西安夜生活论坛 the lightning and flint, the veteran suddenly saw the two barbarians who were five or six meters away from him, suddenly bursting into blood and fog!
Sniper! Two snipers!
Good night everyone
955. The
sudden sniper bullets on the flat battlefield shattered the hope of this expeditionary army to break through the defensive position. Not only the barbarians who were approaching the defense line were quickly killed, but also some of the masters hidden in the large army were also all killed. Yang Xiaojin found it.
As a result, the psychological pressure on the expeditionary corps by the snipers is even greater. They don’t know how the snipers can find these masters from among the thousands of troops, because these masters are not caught by the Central Plains in order to hide their identities. People gather fire, and they don’t even wear heavy armor.
Ren Xiaosu is not capable of this. When he observes through a sniper scope, his observation ability will eventually be weakened. Just like a normal person, his ability