f, there is a car following up, not Wang’s car, without a sign.”

Jiang Xu thought for a while, “Can you get rid of it?”
The man 西安品茶网 drove. The reporter calmly said: “Barrier No. 61 is actually quite close to Los Angeles. I can call the black market directly and ask them to pick it up, so that we can reach the safe area faster. The fuel tank was filled up yesterday, and it must be enough. . ” ”
then they try to get rid of it, “Jiang said Syria against the back seat.
“Editor-in-chief, is it because Wang is going to do something with us? It’s because of today’s Hope Media Newspaper?” a reporter asked.
“I don’t think it’s like an official act,” Jiang Xu shook his head. After he finished speaking, he took out a few pistols from the crypt under the seat: “Well, if there really is a fight, you have to keep some for yourself. Dignity, don’t die without firing a shot.” The
editor-in-chief suddenly changed from the gentleness of the past and became hardcore.
The reporters next to him also began to skillfully check the magazines and load the guns.
You must know that it is difficult to guarantee the safety of journalists if you want to investigate something these years. Especially for the post of investigative journalist, his 西安夜网论坛 life is often endangered in the process of investigating the consortium.
On one wall on the top floor of Hope Media, a series of investigative reporters’ names are engraved. This is Jiang Xu’s hope that everyone will remember them and the hard work of these people for the truth.
Yin Xinsheng, Gao Qinrong, Yang Wei, Zhu Wenna, Jing Jianfeng, Jian Guangzhou
are the most shining medals in the history of the news industry.
In fact, it is still difficult for investigative reporters to guarantee their own safety with guns. After all, the enemies they have to face are far more terrifying than guns.
But as Jiang Xu said, this is the dignity that investigative reporters deserve in the wasteland era.
A reporter smiled: “Editor-in-chief, have you killed anyone?”
Jiang Xule