ieve what Huya said, and felt that this was probably a trap set in advance: “I saw the missing companion just in the past. Isn’t it a coincidence?”

Yang Chen looked more and more suspicious of the three editors, the three of them. They entered the haunted house later and should not have signed an exemption agreement. The three of them work as editors of thriller magazines and have a strong psychological endurance. This identity allows them not to deliberately show that kind of fear and timidity, which is convenient for disguising. .
“When I proposed to follow the head, it was the male editor who strongly requested to enter the warehouse for inspection, which led to a series of things that happened later.”
“At that time, Bai Qiulin had already stated in advance that the fork might be in danger, but they still continued. It’s very unusual to insist on checking it out.”
“When the chef and his brother had an accident outside the passage, the three editors were all in the innermost warehouse. They seemed to know in advance that tourists 西安耍耍论坛 outside would be attacked and accidents would happen. Put aside the relationship in advance.”
“The most important thing is that there is nothing in that warehouse. How did the tails of the three editors disappear?”
“There is a secret tunnel behind the printer, but in this weird situation, it’s always the case. It is impossible for normal people to enter the secret path alone to explore, and they will yell loudly to attract their companions to check together.”
“The woman called the tail should have escaped from the passage behind the printer deliberately. She created the illusion of her disappearance and gave her teammates an excuse to lead the way!”
“It’s a seamless layout, the teammates are missing, and the remaining two are missing. The editor was very emotional, so at this time he did something impulsive, and other tourists 西安洗浴网 couldn’t blame it.”
Yang Chen’s eyes gradually brightened: “It turns out that this is what they have arranged for a l