ner, and look a lot like my dad!

I want to cry. I was so despised for the first time. I really want to kill her. Forget it, kill her, Wu’s rebellion.
Su Yu 西安足浴spa smiled and said: “No hurry, just fair competition! Am I not in three versions? The third version is not sold. One and two versions are sold separately. Looking back, Mr. Hu, House Chief Zheng, and Xia Houye are all OK. Get together for tea, chat, and talk again. ”
Doing business, do you think I’m really good at it?”
I sell a set of exercises three times!
Forget it, the highest version will not be sold anymore.
Sold twice, that’s not bad.
Su Yu said again: “The highest version, the Xia family can back up, but not spread it. The cost is 300,000 merits to zero. No need to say anything else, otherwise the Xia family won’t be allowed to back up my exercises!”
Xia Huyou said speechlessly: “Are you not afraid of Xia family eating black?”
“Are you black? Xia family is also black?”
Su Yu said with an aura: “The Xia family is so dark, the Great 西安桑拿夜网 Xia Mansion is already over! As the Xia family who rules a large government, they don’t even understand sustainable development, so it’s over long ago and can still have the current peak? Okay, it’s okay to hack me with a set of exercises. Unless you kill me, we’ll do it in the future. Don’t do any transactions!”
Xia Huyou said embarrassedly: “Don’t, just kidding, our Xia family runs honestly, no one dares to do this. I really thought my grandfather and my father would watch and ignore it?”
Da Xia The mansion is supported by the Xia family.
Upside down and downside effect, if the top is doing nothing, the bottom is messed up a long time ago.
Su Yu was too lazy to say, and glanced at Zhou Hao and said, “You stay here for a few days, and you are not allowed to go out, so that people can see that something is wrong. The second edition has 西安耍耍网 no effect! If you have this time, don’t rush to get together. Open up a few more tricks, and
stay idle!” “If you are not in a hurry, try a 360 trick.