he Minister of the Ministry of days of indifference: “Since they do not want to keep, it is better not to keep a waste of time as to why this nine Yetian Lian, good luck elsewhere!?!”

A group of people, you look at me, I 西安夜网论坛 look at you, and the atmosphere even more It’s weird.
at the same time.
People like Su Yu also saw and heard, and they all looked weird.
Didn’t keep it?
It has been guarded for many days, and today, these invincibles say that they are not guarding.
It seems like all the previous ones are joking!
What’s his situation?
Some people still haven’t figured it out, but Su Yu had already figured it out and didn’t care about it. At this moment, he was happy in his heart. Taking advantage of the Frozen God King’s attention, he probed the word “yin”. For a while, it seems that the back door has been discovered!
At this time, Su Yu’s “yin” god was lurking in a vein of stone beneath the ground. It was not a vein of stone, but a manifestation of gold patterns inside the heavenly soldiers.
is a problem with this golden pattern!” This 西安夜桑拿论坛 is a good heavenly soldier, with a total of 122 golden patterns, all of which are in the middle of the heavenly soldier.
122 gold patterns, all turned into stone veins, lie underground.
And Su Yu has been investigating. At this moment, he finally found the problem. The casting division likes to make hands and feet on the gold pattern. First, it is difficult for laymen to find out. Second, once the gold pattern is damaged, it will often cause the entire weapon to collapse. .
Of course, there is another point. The master dare not move the gold pattern at will. It is not a soldier who makes a soldier. If you move the gold pattern casually, it will cause a collapse. That high-value weapon may be ruined!
At this moment, Su Yu whispered in his heart, who forged this?
There is a problem with the 109 gold patterns. This gold 西安足浴spa pattern is very important. The dividing point between the heavenly soldiers and the earth soldiers, once