ained: “There is a legend that the ancestor is related to the opening of the Primordial Era. It is the overlord of the Primordial Era. And the Primordial Giants are also the dominant race of the Primordial Era. Between these two, some people say that the human ancestors are actually the Primordial Giants Emperor!”

She explained: 西安夜生活论坛 “The Primordial Giants, there is no emperor in any era. Even in the Primordial Era, they were no emperor! In the Primordial Era, they were no emperor. They only had the Primordial Giant King!”
Su Yu frowned, yes.
The ancient giants, never called the emperor!
Qi Rong said again: “It’s just a legend. After all, it was a bit old 西安桑拿按摩网 in the human ancestors period! Now the longest living in the ten thousand realms should be Hongmeng! But Hongmeng is actually after the opening of the sky. In that period, even if he was alive. In the era, Renzu is still there, he is too weak, just a small person, naturally he doesn’t know about Renzu.”
This one lived the longest, even the oldest existence in the Ten Thousand Realms.
Unfortunately, he is too lazy and sleeps all the time.
Even if he doesn’t sleep, he may not know about the early days of the ancient times.
Too weak to know.
Every thought flickered, and the Ninth Tide, the Giant Race was actually hostile to the Human Race. However, this hostile race also had the descendants of the Hundred Warlords.
How did the Great Zhou King know?
What King Dazhou said was simple, and many people knew, but 西安桑拿夜网 among the people Su Yu knew, no one seemed to know, including Ding Junhou.
“Great Zhou King?”
Su Yu’s eyes kept flashing, Great Zhou King, do you know something?
Is the extinction of Chuanhuo true or false?
In this world, how many people deserve to be trusted?
Who is using me?
And who am I fighting for?
Countless thoughts flicker, there is no one in the upper realm, what about the lower realm?
The mysterious race of the Primordial Giants seems to be very powerful, but it is very low-key. Even in the upper