barrassed to say it.

I was deceived by a weak person, and I was too embarrassed to say so as not to be laughed at.
Su Yu turned into an ordinary human race. On the human race side, the personnel participating in the Xingyu Mansion have been arriving at the Star Sea in the past few days. This time, the human race has a large number of personnel, with only 430 places.
Some people who cannot get the quota may enter 西安足浴spa through a special channel.
Of course, special passages are dangerous.
This Su Yu has also done some basic understanding. There are 360 ??special channels to enter, but every time, thousands of people enter together. In the end, only 360 enters. The rest are either dead or dead. Seriously injured, the death rate 西安桑拿按摩网 is extremely high anyway!
That’s also a battleground for small clans!
The small clan didn’t get the quota, so they all counted on it. The strong clan didn’t close down, and didn’t seize the quota for the special channel. It was also to give them a little chance and not to give them a chance. That would be a big enmity to kill the future.
“Should I take the special channel or the quota channel?”
Su Yu was lost in thought. At this moment, he had already walked to the sea of ??stars.
The special channel is full of uncertainty.
And the competition is fierce!
Maybe, the identity will be exposed.
Otherwise, it’s better to take a decent passage. Of course, the special passage seems to be a bit beneficial. Su Yu has heard that people who enter through the special passage will often appear in some treasures, or like the ancient 西安夜桑拿网 city through the main entrance, they will have some auras.
“Forget it, take the formal passage!”
“Special passages, it is best to carry the ancient city order, because the ancient city order, and Xingyu Mansion are somewhat related, so that people can enter more smoothly”
Su Yu’s mind, this scene emerged. .
Since he wants to enter the Xingyu Mansion, Su Yu needs to know a little bit, but unfortunately, the information of Xingyu Mansion