all sides.

People keep dying!
Entrance on the seventh floor.
At this moment, seven or eight invincibles are staying here, and most of the rest are staying near Prince Gong’s Mansion.
Terran also arranged for an Invincible to come over, and it was Zhu Tianfang who came not from others.
Zhu Tianfang is considered to be powerful, and 西安桑拿夜网 he can resist one or two things when he meets Hetu.
The leading powerhouse is undoubtedly the Minister of Heaven, because he is the strongest.
At this moment, these invincibles were also looking into the distance, looking at the sun and moon that crashed, and remained silent.
The fight continues.
They are too lazy to take care of it. This is everyone’s own choice.
Soon, someone no longer cared about those people, and said in a low voice: “Will Hetu come up?”
Does Hetu know that this time, Human Race has come so many invincible?
In previous years, even if it was invincible, there were very few.
This time, dozens of people came.
This Hetu should be unclear, because Hetu has been away from the ancient city for a long time and has already ran to find reinforcements.
And someone suddenly said: “He Tu, these people who came up, have 西安桑拿按摩网 anyone really seen He Tu?” As
soon as these words came out, many invincibles were taken aback.
What do you mean?
The invincible who spoke, said coldly: “I always feel something wrong. Hetu is so powerful. Once you enter a certain level, people may be killed. How can there be a chance to pass the news, 西安足浴spa why everyone knows why the trouble is?
” It was a message from the outside world. It was probably during the first shock that someone passed the message out!”
Everyone nodded slightly, which is also a possibility.
In fact, the emergence of the river map is still full of doubts.
Now, they are not sure whether Hetu exists.
Just thinking about it, slapped her face.
The passage opened instantly, a figure appeared, and the dead air covered the sky and the earth.
At this moment, the seven or eight invinc