re many benefits to this action.

Li Shutang’s opening is only one of them.
At this moment, Yan Guoliang asked: “Who does 西安耍耍论坛 his confession point to?”
“Point to someone who beat you.” Huo Qilin smiled slightly and preached aloud: “Li Shutang said that every time the fee is divided, Zhuang Shikai has to carry three boxes to Leiluo’s villa.”
“So Zhuang Shikai is very likely. There is a habit of hiding money at home.”
“We use confession to apply for an investigation order. As long as we search the Zhuang-style manor, it may be an unexpected gain.”
210 Searched the manor (1/5)
that evening.
Zhuang Shikai returned from the Kowloon Police Station and was having dinner in the manor mansion.
Two cars parked at the entrance of the manor, Huo Qilin dressed in a suit, pushed the door and got out of the car, and looked up at the gate of the manor mansion.
I saw that the gate was a circular arch, and the two characters “Manor” were carved on the stone wall next to 西安品茶网 it. It was traditional in black and magnificent.
Luxury houses on Hong Kong Island have the habit of naming and engraving.
“Manor” is no exception.
Two simple black characters carved on the stone wall can’t help revealing the style of a wealthy family.

Here .” Huo Qilin straightened his collar, squinted his eyes, holding a court search warrant in his hand, and his expression was very serious.
“Go and ring the doorbell.”
Huo Qilin said aloud, Han Zhibang nodded, and walked to the arch to press the doorbell.
There are a total of eight people in Group A, and they look solemn at the moment, all of them are here.
This is the first time ICAC has attacked the “Four Inspectors” in a formal operation.
Although it was only an investigation and evidence collection, the significance behind it was extremely significant. It represented the 西安足浴spa struggle between the two sides to a higher level, and actively involved the highest level of both sides, reaching the point where the sword saw the sword.
What’s more, if you want to act on th