ories of his previous life. He said to himself as he thought: “Don’t underestimate the human’s’adventurous spirit’, and don’t underestimate their curiosity towards you. In terms of Tarrond, it is a traumatized ruin, and there are existential crises everywhere, but for many people, it is a mysterious land in legends, even if it is now destroyed by war, it is also a holy land. The ruins, an abandoned house there, a broken wall, and even a charred stone all have a fatal attraction for curious explorers.

“And what you have to do is actually very simple-you just need to find these people, take them safely to Tarrond, make sure they don’t really kill themselves in the process of dying, and then ask them for money. It
‘s okay .” Chapter 1096 This is much faster than grabbing money
. Tourism.
To be honest, this topic is a bit super-class for Melita-it should be super-class for most dragons in Tarrond.
The glorious and powerful Tarrond in the past is advanced in everything, and the extremely boring dragons spend almost all entertainment activities, but the word “tourism” is indifferent to the lives of the dragons. : Externally, Tarrond is completely closed, and a strict system that prohibits all visitors 西安耍耍网 is implemented under the big shield. Internally, Tarrond has been stagnant for millions of years, and there are also a large number of lower-level dragons that have stagnated with society every day. Coupled with the abuse of synergists, the extreme development of virtual entertainment, and the replacement of traditional entertainment by extreme sports, the dragons have long lost the concept of tourism, and “work dragons” like Merita were born under company orders. This is even more so.
But this does not prevent her from understanding the concepts Gawain is talking about. She is just full of doubts about the feasibility of all this: “Is this all right? Take people from 西安夜桑拿论坛 Loren to Tarrond and do Good protection, and then they will pay for it?”
“This is the most basic, but if you really plan to operat