s also possible to wake up in the real world.”

Selena glanced at Daniel and nodded slightly: “You understand it.”
:西安夜生活论坛 . :
Chapter 765 The Return.
Gao Wen stood by and listened to the conversation between Daniel and Selena, but suddenly couldn’t help but think of the experience of Kantling a few years ago
gradually invading the dream of reality, gradually distorted absurdly. Reality, a nightmare creature
that almost entered the real world In this world full of extraordinary powers, dreams are often not pure dreams, and the boundary between reality and illusion has always been blurred.
What Selena and her church compatriots are most worried about right now is obviously that the things in the sandbox get out of control and enter reality, and that things may not be solved by sending an army.
This group of dead houses, who are obsessed with cutting-edge technology, finally smashed themselves and everyone in their field of expertise.
“Things brewed in the sandbox” Daniel’s tone also became serious. He repeated these words softly, but his gaze couldn’t help scanning this strange and quiet church, and the one with confusion in his eyes was quiet. The standing gray-robed old man, “I hope it’s not.” The
old mage didn’t express his 西安夜桑拿论坛worries, but judging from the deep and solemn eyes of Selena and Archbishop Yuri, it is obvious that they have already seen this church and what the church represents.” There are some things associated with the “Upper Narrator Belief”, but in this weird place, out of common sense in occultism, no one says things that shouldn’t be said.
“We need to make things happen here reported to the pope under the crown,” There was silence for a moment, Yuri archbishop said, “In addition, this town need to be retained in the future called for more manpower to carry out a more detailed investigation.”
Celine Na nodded slightly and said thoughtfully: “In addition, regarding this sect that believes in the’upper narrator’, its customs and legends also need to be analyzed in dept