hair.” Qiao Xiu said a word that was enough for the guardian of the world tree to drive Qiao Xiu out.

But the ice dragon’s reaction was surprisingly calm, because the incarnation of the world tree had appeared on the ground in front of Qiao Xiu.
“You also saw the news from the 西安夜桑拿论坛 SMS just now.” Qiao Xiu knelt down and said to the white cat.
At this moment, Qiao Xiu actually saw an expression of reluctance on the face of the white cat, but it was still very obedient, shaking off the vines on its body, and a lot of leaves fell like rain.
But these leaves fell on Qiao Xiu’s hands as if they were being pulled by something, and they were also stacked in two.
This scene is enough to make all obsessive-compulsive disorder laugh happily.
After more than two hundred leaves fell into Qiao Xiu’s hands, the white cat also spit out a light green crystal.
“New Crystal”
Qiao Xiu picked up the oval-shaped World Tree crystal, which contained more than half of the magic power in the previous crystal.
The moment Qiao Xiu picked up the crystal, the ice dragon suddenly spoke.
“The holy tree just asked me to convey the 西安耍耍网 words to you. That is the place I should guard. Before I was destroyed, there were many incomprehensible changes. The magic net will become my eyes. What happened to the frozen land?”
“So you still have a sorrow about your past hometown?”
Qiao Xiu looked at the white cat licking his paws and stretched out his hand and rubbed its forehead.
“Don’t worry, I will definitely deliver your token safely.”
Qiao Xiu collected the two hundred leaves and crystals of the World Tree, and left the center of Nolan directly, and drove the magic car directly towards The entrance to the underground city of dwarves.
The sister’s bride said
PS: Two in One Chapter
509 Big Cat Traveling The
abandoned mine cave of the underground dwarves of Nolan.
Now this mine has been transformed into a transfer station for the Demon World.
After Qiao Xiu applied 西安品茶网 to the Nolan Law Enforcement Department for the