dy, and the children of Chaos are so terrible.”

Accompanied by Tai Lin is the black wood elf Oranka priest
Qiao Xiu who came from Faloxi for the invitation to this concert. Many guests were present, including two singers who were once world chanters, one of whom 西安夜生活论坛 was the champion Luvita.
“Too much gathering” Qiao Xiu stepped forward and looked at Tai Lin at this time.
She has been put on a white dress made of light gauze, even if the frost elf is holding her chest, the expression on her face is a bit painful, but she still has a different kind of beauty.
“Tailen, do you need to take a break?”
Qiao Xiu didn’t expect the World Tree to be overwhelmed .
“No, Mr. Qiao Xiu, everyone is waiting for me.”
Tai Lin said to Qiao Xiu after taking several deep breaths to calm down her physical discomfort.
The amount of nutrients absorbed by the sacred tree is dozens of times as much as before.
This feeling made Tai Lin very tired, but she had to hold on to Tai Lin knowing that if this concert was successful, the sacred tree could formally take root on the ground.
“Well, Priest Oulanka, please 西安品茶网 help me pay attention to her situation.” Qiao Xiu let go of Tai Lin’s hand after instructing the Dark Wood Elf beside him.
“It’s okay, Mr. Qiao Xiu.” After Tai Lin looked back and gave Qiao Xiu a smile, she stood on the temporarily erected elevator.
Qiao Xiu watched the slow rise of the elevator where Tai Lin was standing. The thin girl had grown into a much-anticipated goddess.
This gave Qiao Xiu a sense of mystery of accomplishment.
Tai Lin was already on stage, and Qiao Xiu closed his eyes. Using the abilities given by Skeleton, from the perspective of the daytime banshee photographers, the whole concert was broadcast live.
Tai Lin’s left hand gently covered her chest, and as the stage rose, she felt her vision began to become a little blurred.
But the darkness that was shrouded in Tai Lin’s sight was quickly dissipated by 西安夜桑拿网 the brilliance of the stars on the field.
So many people really cam