. Holding a big iron lock.

Jiang Hao was slightly excited, did he really find the German treasure?
The iron lock is large and strong, but it is not enough to look at Jiang Hao, a veteran of unlocking. He took out the unlocking tool in the space, and
did not open it!
Damn, it’s rusty inside.
This couldn’t help us.
Jiang Hao had an extra hacksaw in his hand, and suddenly there was a creaking sound in the hole. After a few minutes, there was a crackling 西安夜桑拿网 sound, and finally the big iron lock was opened.
Pulling open the big iron gate forcefully, Jiang Hao saw the situation inside. There were rows of black iron ingots standing in front of his eyes. Jiang Hao was taken aback. He said that the treasure is not the iron ingots. He went over and touched it. Those iron 西安夜桑拿论坛 ingots were found to be quite different from ordinary iron ingots. Jiang Hao guessed that these iron ingots were not ordinary iron ingots.
But even if it is not an ordinary iron ingot, it is an iron ingot. Finding a pile of iron ingots can be used as an egg.
It’s a good treasure.
Jiang Hao turned inside, and just when he reached the innermost point, he suddenly saw a few large wooden boxes hidden behind the pile of iron ingots.
Jiang Hao’s heart moved, is there something good.
Quickly walked over and patted the wooden boxes that were still strong. Jiang Hao took out a crowbar from the space, plunged it into a wooden board, and pried it up.
the wooden strips of the box were pried open. Jiang Hao opened the lid of the box in twos or twos. After opening the lid, there was a thick covering underneath. Jiang Hao opened 西安桑拿按摩网 the covering first and suddenly saw a row. Rows of wooden frames erected.
This is not an ordinary wooden frame, but a picture frame.
Jiang Hao used to be an oil painting painter, and he is so familiar with these painters, he can tell at a glance.
A thought arose in Jiang Hao’s heart. This cliff was part of the German army’s treasure, but I didn’t know whether it belonged to a general or the German