uses super production, sufficient funds, and uses all the most popular and best actors of ATV. For this drama, Jiang Hao organized a screenwriting team, and he is the team leader. The plot of each episode is compact and fascinating. , Conflicts continued, and once it was broadcast, it attracted countless people’s pursuit and immediately became the most popular TV series this year.

For this drama, Jiang Hao’s first requirement for the screenwriters is to be good, and the second is to be long. It must be long. So far, 200 episodes of the script have been prepared for this drama, and this has not yet reached its 西安品茶网 finale.
Originally, ATV’s ratings are already in jeopardy, but because 西安夜桑拿论坛 of the popularity of this show, ATV’s ratings have been increasing.
No one in this world knows that the ancestor of the zombies who can destroy the world is also a fan of drama chasing. His favorite thing to do is to watch TV dramas and appreciate life from it.
After the Taoist temple was completed, Jiang Hao officially moved from Ma Xiaoling’s house to the Taoist temple, and Ma Xiaoling felt that his home was empty.
I didn’t feel anything when I lived alone before, but since Jiang Hao came, she no longer likes to be alone.
Maybe no one likes to be alone.
The so-called liking for loneliness is just an excuse for loneliness.
“I lent him 300 million. He said that there is a room for me, huh, tomorrow I will go to occupy one, and I will live in it if there is nothing to 西安洗浴网 do.” Ma Xiaoling said with her eyebrows raised.
Xiaoqing now has her own water house, and Lingquan has widened into a small lake tens of meters wide. There are lotus plants in the lake and a batch of koi carps are stocked. After Xiaoqing moves into the water house, these koi will automatically become her little brothers. .
Chuchun and Zhenzi now have the strength of ghosts and gods, Jiang Hao officially accepted them as Daoist ghost servants and awarded them the immortal seal. Now the two women are comparable to ghosts and immortals.