re to witness the Tao.

” In the past few days, I have completely watched all 54P videos-yes, a total of 4 days, 11 hours, 43 minutes, and 6463 minutes. I did not miss a single clip, all, part, watched, finished. “I
don’t know why, Ren Suo saw Li Le’s black eye bags, and always felt that he was very convincing when he said this.
“I have fully witnessed the change of seekers,” Li Le said: “She had no rest, no food, withered face and haggard figure, but she was still able to accomplish what could be called an inhuman climbing feat.”
“Believe in this video. She is a real person, and may have thought of the reason for the seekers: she is a mechanical warrior of the Pacific Federation, a superman who was bitten by a spider ant mantis, and a mutant with the ability to suddenly awaken.”
“But I said, She is not as mysterious as you think.” Li Le’s tone was very affirmative: “A seeker is an ordinary person!” An
ordinary person?
Ren Suo raised his eyebrows slightly, he really didn’西安夜生活论坛t expect anyone to see this.
After all, in addition to being’physically inhuman’, seekers can also climb 10,000-meter peaks with their bare hands. Dozens of times, but hundreds of times, they can react quickly to show the superhuman nerves that have escaped a catastrophe. Ren Suo watched the video in GIligili At the time, almost no one believed that the seeker was a human-
either a special effect, a robot, or a superpower.
It’s not a normal person anyway.
Unless the United Nations revises the definition of a normal person.
“Yes, you heard that right, the seeker is an ordinary person.” Li Le continued: “I can cite countless proofs to prove it, but it is meaningless-you certainly don’t believe in a five-day sleepless man. The person who climbs the 10,000-meter peak with bare hands is an ordinary person.”
“And this fact is meaningless. 西安夜桑拿网 Even if she is really an ordinary person, what good is it for us?”
“But, she is an ordinary person, and it is really useful for us. benefit.”
“Why did she do this extreme cha