re they common and rare qualities.”

Dorothy looked a little confused at the new cards in her collection, all of which were of ordinary and rare quality, and the only special one was the epic-quality sacred healing technique.
“Legendary cards are not so easy to get, you need enough luck.” Qiao Xiu said.
At this moment Dorothy had completely understood 西安桑拿按摩网 that he had fallen into the trap of a profiteer.
She forcibly stabilized her inner excitement and looked at the magic machine in front of her.
“Then what’s the chance of getting a legendary card?” Dorothy’s firm also held this kind of lottery, even if the prize is high, there is at least one chance of getting it.
“It’s about one percent.”
Hearing Qiao Xiu’s answer, Dorothy stepped back slightly and almost didn’t sit down on the ground.
The magic machine in front of her seemed to have turned into a money-swallowing monster, attacking her purse with teeth and claws.
One percent is probably that if you want to own a legendary card, you need to draw at least 100 packs of the same card.
This is 100 gold coins. What’s
even more terrifying is that there are more than just legendary cards in a deck. There was only one.
At this moment, 西安夜生活论坛 Dorothy understood why someone in the caster forum after getting a legendary card would post a special post to celebrate
“then buy the card separately”
Dorothy didn’t dare to take herself anymore . His net worth is coming to the game, and it is very likely that he will end up living on the streets of Nolan in poverty.
She remembered that Qiao Xiu just mentioned that the card is available for purchase.
“This is the card sold by other Hearthstone players. Of course, the price is also set by them. There is also a special consignment service.
In Under Qiao Xiu’s guidance, Dorothy turned on the card consignment function on the magical machine in front of him.
There are a large number of Hearthstone legend cards displayed on it, and the price is clearly marked, judging from the name marked under each