n disappeared after a second or two. The inscription was gradually represented by Qiao Xiu as chaos. Afterwards, Qiao Xiu looked at Se Xili.

“But the second sister must not come here specifically for this trivial matter, right?”
Life is like a play in Chapter 10
“Put 西安足浴spa your hand out.” Sai Xili said.
Qiao Xiu stretched out his hand generously. Qiao Xiu hadn’t done anything guilty anyway, and there was nothing to hide in front of this monitor.
Even if any female magician in the room was discovered, Circe would only ask Qiao Xiu to repatriate this human being to the human world because of the safety of the imperial city.
That’s right, repatriation, not just execution.
Circe is one of the leaders of the conservative faction in the Devildom. As a watcher, she has always hated meaningless killing.
Qiao Xiu’s hand was held by Circe, and she directly opened Qiao Xiu’s sleeve and exposed her arm.
Qiao Xiu has a sense of sight that the old Chinese doctors help him get his pulse when he goes to see a Chinese medicine doctor.
“The magic is not disordered”
Ce Xili once again put her hand on Qiao Xiu’s 西安耍耍网 chest, this action made her closer to Qiao Xiu, Qiao Xiu can even smell the body scent coming from her.
It’s a bit like a mixture of gooseberry and lilac.
“Fortunately, there are no 西安夜桑拿论坛 sequelae.”
“Sister, what do you want to do” Qiao Xiu pulled up his sleeve and glanced at Circe.
What Circe is doing now is not so much searching for prisoners as it is checking Qiao Xiu’s physical condition.
“Did you forget the accident that caused the magic power to run away because of the experiment?”
“Of course not.”
Qiao Xiu remembered that this was the memory of the third prince before he went to the human world. He could not control his magic power in an experiment, almost He was swallowed by the chaos, and in the end, although the magic power of the runaway was controlled, the soul and body were greatly damaged.
Since that accident, the third prince made up his mind to go to the human world to le