heng Online Club will pay a special reward of RMB 10,000!”

” Renminbi 10,000 , one person can share it. Up to two thousand yuan!”
“Yes, and the reward for the first place in our Lecheng Internet Cafe League is 20,000 yuan, which means that the first team can get a total of 30,000 yuan, which is on average for each player. 6 Thousand Oceans!!” At this moment, a few young people beside him sighed.
“I rely on, so much money, I have to get the first place for anything! Everyone is 6 or 6 thousand yuan!!”
“Grass, I’m only level 27, wait, I will practice to level 30 today, and then sign up for 6,000 yuan, enough to be online for several months!” A
few young people chatted, and they didn’t forget to take a peek. Yang Qianqian next to her.
Yang Qianqian is very casual today. A pair of tight jeans outlines the beautiful lines of her buttocks and beautiful legs. Everyone will be excited, including Yu Luosheng.
“Yu Luosheng, did you hear that? There are six thousand yuan!” Yang Qianqian looked at Yu Luosheng with flashing eyes.
“Do you know how many teams participate in our entire Lecheng? It’s not that easy to get the first place. Anyway, Internet cafes are all crazy, throwing out so many rewards,” Yu Luosheng muttered.
It is quite rare for Internet cafes to have such high rewards, and the influence of LOL is indeed terrifying.
In fact, Yu Luosheng didn’t know that the emergence of LOL really saved the declining Internet cafe industry.
Nowadays, most people have computers in their homes. Who goes to Internet cafes after going online and playing games? Coupled with the extensive coverage of network functions by mobile phones, Internet cafes have become increasingly depressed.
The only Internet cafe consumers who will not lose are those who play competitive games.
When everyone is playing in the dark together, they naturally like to sit in the Internet cafe five times in a row.
The atmosphere of five consecutive sittings really has a trend to save the Internet cafe industry, so when the major Inter