uosheng’s side, Yu Luosheng would definitely give him a thumbs up.

This is a pretty show of the leopard girl’s face.
“It’s a bit dick, but you usually don’t seem to be so aggressive. Is it possible that these shameless behaviors of Han Bangzi also angered you?” Yu Luosheng asked.
Qianmeng is strong in ADC, but he rarely takes a head with the summoner skills in this way, unless the head can lay a key, so Yu Luosheng is really surprised by Qianmeng’s show. At the same time, I really admire this guy’s eyes, even such details can be imagined.
The eye that puzzled Walker is very important, because when you flash across the wall, your vision will be lost immediately, and the policewoman’s big move will never be released.
At the same time, Qianmeng also considered that the leopard girl on the opposite side would give a shot here, so she deliberately stood in 4F, let 4F help him block this key javelin, and finally took the leopard woman’s life.
Qianmeng was very calm about Yu Luosheng’s praise, and said lightly:
“I lack 300 yuan to buy equipment.”
These words made Xie Lianda’s chin almost fall to the ground.
Short of 300 yuan to buy equipment, he went to the tower and killed the Leopard Girl.
Listen, listen, if you say that, Xie Lianda felt that he was arrogant when playing League of Legends, but he didn’t expect that the policewoman would feel like killing someone in that tone. It’s just as simple as making up a wave of soldiers online!
“Damn, it’s worthy of being a group of perverted teams, and the score can be 6-4 with actors!” Lin Dong chewed his tongue next to Yu Luosheng.
These four people get together, and don’t consider the situation of Hollywood on the road for the time being, they are almost completely opposite in the middle, wild, and bot lanes!
Four people, all deaths are zero!
In the middle, there are more than 20 soldiers on the opposite side.
In the jungle, there are 3 more heads and assists than the opponent, and 10 more replenishers.
In the bot lane, there are 2 more head