don’t like horror movies the least.”

Tang Qi said a cold joke on his own, and then his eyes fell on the back of his left hand.
A thought touched there.
The familiar scene reappeared, the “doom” mark appeared little by little, and the unknown aura began to drift out. Lowering his arms, Tang Qi let the bad luck spread, and began to walk around the cabin, surveying the terrain, while silently timing in his heart, he made a big mistake last time in the Newton area.
I underestimated the power of doom so much that it attracted too many “weirds”. If it weren’t for the appearance of a Thrand swordsman, what Tang Qi would face at that time would definitely be the end of the siege.
This time, Tang Qi strictly controlled the time.
One minute!
Soon, the time limit came.
Tang Qi’s thoughts spread over, to close the seal.
But at this moment, a strange noise suddenly came from behind.
Inside the cabin?
Tang Qi quickly closed the imprint, his body was a little tight, and he turned around suddenly, looking through the broken window, and instantly saw the source of the abnormal noise.
The floor of the cabin suddenly shattered, the black lacquered soil was turned over, and a rickety, old figure crawled out from the ground. The clothes on its body had long been rotten, and the skin all over its body was dry, tightly attached to the bones, and there was a kind of rubber skin. The hair is half rotten, and there is still some hanging on the head.
Under the moonlight, Tang Qi saw that it had a dog-like face, horseshoe-like feet, a pair of sharp claws, and green eyes staring at Tang Qi, and it was as dense as weeping, which made people uneasy and disgusting. sound.
“Is this a ghoul?”
When Tang Qi was talking to himself, the faint light gathered, quickly forming a picture in Tang Qi’s eyes.
[Extraordinary things: ghouls. 】
【Status: Hungry. 】
【Information fragment 1: It is so ugly and disgusting, it is disturbing and disgusting. Who would have thought that it was once a member of h