As soon as the old Coleson put down the receiver, he glanced at Jennifer.

“It’s Jason, something happened over there.”
Old Coleson first said to Tang Qi, and then suddenly thinking of the scene when the two met for the first time, he added: “Want to go together? I believe you will feel it. Interest.”
“Oh, okay!”
Tang Qi agreed with a smile after hearing the words.
Outside William Castle, on the big lawn.
Along with a blast of noise and strong wind, a helicopter landed from the air, and a group of people quickly descended from above. The fastest one was Jason, but he was not alone. He was holding one in his arms and seemed to be in a coma. The female of the country ran towards the main castle with an anxious expression on her face.
Behind him is Raphael, and there are a group of people who are obviously not extraordinary.
“They’re here!”
Inside the main castle, in a quiet, ward-like room, Tang Qi and the three were looking at Jason, who rushed towards this “cure room” through the glass, and a group of people behind them.
Tang Qi glanced, his eyes focused on Jason’s arms.
There was still a little smile on his face.
Just now, he has heard Jennifer talk about the reason, Jason and Raphael, both of them are indeed on the mission, but the mission is essentially Jason’s fake public and private. This guy uses his position to chase stars. .
Raphael was only dragged and accompanied by him.
Who can think of it?
A powerful demon hunter with the blood of the Tyros monster would chase the stars like normal humans.
And the female star whom Jason admired was being held tightly in his arms at this time.
It’s just obvious that the state of the most beautiful first-line actress in the Federation, called “Elizabeth,” from Eagle’s Nest City, is very bad.
Jason, who had always kept a smile in the past, was worried and anxious on his face at this time.
The door was pushed open, and Jason appeared holding someone in his arms.

Coleson , hurry up, help.” “Tang Qi!”
Jason’s last two wo