limit the development of Yama, the big boss. As a result, doubles. The wild doesn’t go to the middle at all. He has

a doubles field lineup, but does not go to the middle. It just takes advantage of your fear of our doubles fielders to make you be careful everywhere and don’t dare to suppress too presumptuously!
Three birds with one stone! !
The Lm team took out this tactical system, which is perfect with one stone and three birds with one stone.
Zhang Aijing really admires Yu Luosheng more and more, so why did she come up with such a method to deal with the underworld team? I
don’t know how long these guys secretly practiced! !
Even if I want to come, I have already lost a game, how can the Lm team not show their housekeeping skills? ?
Before Zhang Aijing had always felt that Yu Luocheng was still hiding something, and now being so forced by the underworld team, it was finally revealed! !
While Zhang Aijing exclaimed Yu Luosheng’s three-dimensional tactics in her heart, Yu Luosheng, who had gone home to supply a wave of equipment, was secretly happy in her heart.
This doubles jungle system is indeed three eagles with one arrow, but Yu Luosheng does not think that all three eagles can shoot. Obviously everyone performed very well in this game. He did not miss the wave of this routine that is the easiest to hit the advantage!
Then the next expansion of advantages can be implemented more perfectly! !
“Let’s change the line too!” Chu Guan Wang said.
Draven was on the road and forced the Dragon Girl to go home. When the Dragon Girl returned to the online level, the Dragon Girl would still be suppressed, and then the GANK would still happen under the Spider Tower.
Secondly, the Mundo level of the bottom lane has risen, even if their bottom lane duo is behind the level, they may not be able to suppress it.
In that wave, the Jifu team was really hurt.
“It’s best not to change, Xiaolong will lose it.” Qin Guangwang said.
Why is the bottom lane a duo, but not the top lane?
If your top lane