Ispatrani, is about to become the third goddess of life.

It’s just that the gods including Tang Qi didn’t expect that his honorable name would be like this.
Fortunately, the third row of honorific names has not been formed.
Perhaps Espatrani really expected this. He not only wanted to become the third mother god, but he also wanted to defeat the other two ancient mother gods and become the only master of life in the boundless mystery.
But at this critical moment, He chose to give up.
At least give up temporarily, otherwise he is likely to face the malice of a certain “mother god”.
Such thoughts emerged from the depths of the hearts of the gods, and they thought that it would be the original mother that would stop Espatrani.
It was also the deterrence of this mother god who made the ambitious and greedy Espatrani regain his honor.
However, Tang Qi knew at this time.
“Xia Lin Mi’s plan went well. What this woman is afraid of is not the original mother, but the mother god of life. He may have been guarding against the mother god.”
“It’s a pity that I guessed wrong.”
Tang Qi’s whispers, which did not mean the slightest pity, fell, and the endless mysterious noises that had swept through, stopped abruptly.
An oracle resounding deep in the hearts of hundreds of millions of lives, suppressing all mother goddess cubs, officially sounded at this moment.
All beings, regardless of race, do not need to be proficient in any language, to hear that oracle.
Moreover, just by hearing it, countless lives have entered a state of extreme pleasure, and they have even begun to become pregnant in large numbers.
“You can’t stand side by side with me!”
At the moment of
“Boom” , the gods opened their eyes wide, and curiosity and excitement were born.
In Tang Qi’s eyes, the “Original Arrival” scene he had peeped into was reproduced thousands of times, tens of thousands of times.
The majestic shadow fell from a higher place in Espatrani.
It is a section of tentacles, extremely huge, composed of soft fl