with a big move.

Unable to lose the opportunity, Daluo pressed the second crampons, his body instantly disappeared in place, and suddenly appeared in front of the enemy three.
Entering an iceberg-like frost witch stood in front of the three Russians, and suddenly the frozen air turned into piercing swords and flew in all directions. All the Russians were attacked and turned into huge blocks of ice.
Daluo controlled the three opponents with a big move, but Zhou Yan frowned.
His displacement skill is used to get rid of the entanglement of the old tree spirit, now seeing Daluo control the three enemies, he is uncertain whether he wants to go or not.
Similarly, the three of Lin Dong, King Yama, and Yu Luosheng have already walked a certain distance. Even if Ronaldo’s big move is done well, he can’t keep up with the output in a short time.
“Come on, come on!” Daluo shouted to his teammates.
King Yama quickly switched forms and gave a giant cannon from a long distance, but because of the distance and angle, he only blasted the old tree spirit.
Yu Luosheng’s Eye of the Void was still crawling, and Daluo’s true heart was too far away, and the distance of the eye of the Void could not be reached.
The situation seemed very favorable, but the expression on Li Tuchuan’s face was a bit solemn.
“Hahaha~~~~” A
ghostly figure shuttled past, staggering the main battlefield and quickly jumping out from the other side.
Li Tuchuan secretly shouted badly, and the thing he was most worried about really happened.
Apollo’s fox was obviously not under control. Just when everyone in the Chinese team barely kept up with Da Luo’s control, he was killed from the other side.
Apollo’s goal was not someone else, it was the Yama King with the highest output. , He wants to kill the Yama King in seconds.
King Yama has already reacted, but Apollo’s luck is really good, a charm at such a distance actually hit King Jace of Yama.
Yu Luosheng was on the side. If there was a flash, he would not hesitate to use the fl