er there will be problems here.”

Chen Ge felt the heavy responsibility on his shoulders. He found another reason for himself to protect the New Century Park, that is, not to let the virtual future park entrap more people.
Chapter 958 I Reincarnated Your Reincarnation
The road to come was blocked, and Chen Ge couldn’t smash the door in front of everyone. He was also afraid of being left behind by the Virtual Future Paradise, so he would add more energy and jealousy to make trouble in the future.
“The cries and laughter are still there. The ghosts did not go far, but they couldn’t see them.”
Back in the room, Chen Ge saw the corpse on the coffee table: “The key to medium difficulty is in the corpse. This is just an excessive scene, hell. If you want to pass the level on the difficulty level, you should really solve the puzzle of the room.”
Normally, solving the puzzle is okay. The key is that the scene is now fused with each other, and various projections and “spiritual events” are likely to appear in places where it shouldn’t appear, which adds a lot of difficulty to solving the puzzle.
Several tourists spent time at the door, the clock on the wall rang again, and the ugly cuckoo got out of the box under the clock. The heart on its body has been removed, but the blood stain in the heart has been removed. The cuckoo was dyed red.
“If the owner of the house killed himself, we must stop him from killing himself if we want to break the reincarnation.”
“There are two ways to stop him from killing himself, one is to protect him from being killed by himself, and the other is It’s up to us to kill him, so that we can break the cycle.”
Chen Ge lifted the axe beside the sofa, aimed at the newly assembled corpse on the sofa and chopped it down before the new changes appeared in the room.
The doll fell apart again, leaving a fresh blood mark on its body.
“Is it useless? Is it necessary to try to kill him all with different weapons? Then, don’t we get into the same cycle as him?” Killing can