o win.

These guys actually came to the human state at this moment, the key is that Yuhuang is here to take refuge in Su Yu?
Don’t they know Su Yu’s character, just Su Yu’s character, even if you surrender, he may not accept you, this kid has black hands!
On the side, Wang Wen suddenly smiled and said, “What
do you think ?” The Emperor laughed: ” I don’t have any impression, but it feels quite ironic!”
Wang Wen nodded and sighed.
Looking out of the field, he 西安桑拿按摩网sighed: “After years of fighting, it’s sad enough to have to surrender on the initiative! But when I met the Lord Su Yu, I don’t think the chance of survival is great!” The
emperor also nodded and stood up: “Let’s take a look! After all, there are still many old acquaintances!”
Wen Wang nodded, and now they are also wondering, what do these people think?
Are you really afraid that Su Yu will serve it straight away?
This one is really not a softhearted person.
And at this moment, Su Yu also rose into the air and flew out of the field with some weird colors. He felt insecure anymore. He asked me to take shelter?
When I’m Su Yu, is it easy to talk?
Since it is here, I will eat you!
Chapter 942 I’m Sorry
69, the fastest update of the Tribulation of Ten Thousand Races!
Outside the human environment.
At this moment, a respectable figure emerged.
Originally, only Tian Gu and God Emperor were outside. At this moment, a powerful person walked out of the space weapon.
There are Dragon Heavenly Sovereign, Dragon Sovereign, Fengtian Sovereign, Phoenix Emperor, Underworld Emperor, Divine Emperor Concubine, Sky Tower, Yuan Sheng Hou, Saint Hou
西安夜网论坛 A group of people!
Some people know it, some people don’t.
At this moment, someone changed color slightly.
“Human Realm?” The
Emperor Underworld’s expression changed, and he looked at the Emperor suddenly!
He doesn’t know about it!
The Emperor had a calm face and didn’t say much, but said indifferently: “The only way to save your life!”
Ming Tianzu