to see, in the end what is immortal eternal life and death, they do not know the pain “!?!

big week Wang hesitation:”? the near future ” ,”
is In the near future!”
Da Qin Wang said solemnly: “Human race has no resources! Lack of carrying materials, lack of essence and blood, lack of natural materials, lack of weapons, lack of everything! Staying here all day long, sit and eat the mountains and sky? Waiting for death? I think it’s the Dragon Realm! You, I and Lao Xia joined forces to 西安夜桑拿网sniper the Dragon King, enter the Dragon Realm, and slaughter the Dragon Realm! Let everyone fight desperately for me! Take resources! Don’t think all day long. Good things! When we got up, who didn’t spend it in the battle?”
King Da Zhou took a deep breath, shaking in his heart.
He was shocked!
Great Qin King, take people to the Dragon Slaying Realm!
“How many eternal dragons you and I have never figured out that there are too many kills, once the dragon world old antique Lao Qin is brought out, it will be too dangerous!”
“Sooner or later!”
King Da Qin calmly said: “If you don’t come out now, you will come out sooner or later. Now you come out, at least there are rules and restrictions! Once it comes out later, Human Race has no old antiques. Are you sure that Human Race still has old antiques alive? Once it doesn’t, there will be 西安足浴spa no checks and balances. Now everyone is proud again and there is no pressure. How long do you think we can live?”
” Be prepared for danger in times of peace, and some people have forgotten about the crisis before it is safe! It’西安桑拿按摩网 s ridiculous!”
Da Qin Wang said solemnly, “I mean it. It’s decided!”
“Then tell them?”
“Don’t tell me!
I’ll talk at the time!” King Da Zhou was silent for a while, “I think it’s better to change one instead of choosing Dragon Realm.”
“Change another?”
Da Qin Wang doubted. “The gods, demons and immortals are not easy to deal with!”
“Not Tianyuan!”
Da Zhou Wang said quietly: “The dragon world is actually not easy to beat. If you really