t?” The

others are still there !
Others are also puzzled, yes, the gate is earlier than us, although not as strong as us!
Jian Kong shook his head, “It’s different! There are many ancient beasts in the gate of the earth that are not connected to the long river of time. They are actually building the avenue of chaos. Chaos does not know the years, and the avenue of time is difficult to corrode their existence in the gate of the earth. Live longer than us, but it doesn’t mean there is no life-saving! In the Age of Ten Thousand Realms, it has almost reached its limit, 西安夜生活论坛 so this time, it is the earth gate and the heaven gate that must go out to make it to the human gate, I don’t know!”
All around, the casual practitioners were very solemn.
“Master Jiankong means that if we can’t win the Ten Thousand Realms this time, we have no way of retreating?”
“Of course!”
Jiankong nodded: “Otherwise, why are those forbidden lands so active? Going out patiently?”
Su Yu was also thoughtful.
Last stand?
Those three doors opened this time, I am afraid it is indeed a bloody battle!
In addition, there are many strong forbidden areas, but Ting Jiankong means that there are a batch of second generations or even three generations and four generations.
All come from inheriting the great road, and the son inherits the father’s career!
In this case, it may not be too difficult to deal with.
Tianqiong 西安耍耍网 Mountain is naturally extremely powerful, but the Necrotic Hell and the Valley of the Fallen Souls may not be incapable of dealing with it. Of course, the Lord of the Necrotices is too strong.
Fallen Soul Valley!
Su Yu muttered in his heart, Falling Soul Valley.
He suddenly looked at Chang and Xuelian, and smiled lightly: “The 西安耍耍论坛 two are under the Asura Envoy of the Falling Soul Valley. The Asura Envoy is of average strength, right?”
The two were speechless, but Chang still quickly said, “Sura Master is not weak, and he ranks high among the six great soul seekers, at least with 26 powers!