yes were full of murderous intent.

In the distance, outside a courtyard wall, Su Yu was trembling, with a worried look. Looking here, the expressions 西安耍耍网 of several immortal experts changed slightly, and Daocheng also changed their color instantly, looking at Su Yu.
Taihe hurriedly said: “Why are you here?”
Su Yu did not say a word, and did not come across a long distance. He looked like a kid who had done something wrong, hiding there 西安桑拿夜网 and refused to come.
Taihe was furious, and Daocheng narrowed his eyebrows over there, looked at the other people, and smiled: “It’s my brother, I’ll go and see, the brother may have something to do with me.”
“Then you go to work.”
Several people laughed. I laughed, I was a little confused.
Why is Lingheng here?
Sunyue Sanchong is too dangerous here.
Daocheng and Tahoe came together, and Tahoe shouted when they met, “Where’s Panhu? I told you not to come here. Why are you here?”
“Uncle, stop talking.”
Daocheng interrupted him, looked at Lingheng, and said with a smile: “Brother, is there something going on?”
Su Yu lowered his head with an expression that hesitated to speak.
Tahoe was a little unbearable: “Just tell me if you have anything! You just keep this temper, and when it’s critical, you’ll grind and chirp 西安足浴spa endlessly, what the hell is it!”
Su Yu was almost crying, humming, and whispering vaguely: “That I’m sorry, your Highness, Brother Panhu may not know if I’m dead.”
Taihe changed color!
Daocheng also changed his color slightly, looked at him, and said in a low voice: “Brother, don’t be nervous, say, what’s the matter?”
Su Yu grimaced, and Daocheng became so angry that he wanted to hit people with such a good temper. His senior brother, once the key is reached That’s it for the moment, it’s endless!
No wonder Panhu has seven layers of sun and moon, but he is still three layers of sun and moon.
Su Yu grinding grumble and said: “Before I came out with us, Ding elder brothers disk Gok-day treasure hunt