Wu Jia couldn’t use his willpower. Before, he fought four unlisted students from the Shanshenwen First Series in a wheel fight, and defeated four people one after another, and then he challenged Zhu Hong!

Zhu Hong is too embarrassed to fight?
I am also ashamed to bully Wu Jia who has not recovered his willpower!
Below, a group of girls are even more angry!
Seeing Wu Jia’s blood stained his whole body, someone clenched his fist and yelled: “That’s how the top 100 students got up? Just watching 西安桑拿按摩网 him, Zhu Hong, bullying an injured girl?”
“Have the ability to challenge Su Yu, bully? What kind of 西安耍耍网 skill is Wu Jia, who is seriously injured!”
“Isn’t that the way they are in this line? They only dare to bully the weak, how can they dare to draw their swords against the strong? Su Yu, why don’t they find someone to make trouble!”
“Zhai Feng Even more shameless, ranked ninth, didn’t dare to fight against the first eight people. Just knowing that Su Yu, who had only been in school for more than two months, was ashamed to say that he was a genius, I am!”
This group of girls has no scruples at this moment.
Too bully, and too miserable!
Even if Wu Jia is not familiar with them, seeing Wu Jia being bullied like this, they think it’s time to speak up!
At this moment, Zhu Hong naturally heard those voices.
Sullen in my heart!
If Wu Jia doesn’t admit defeat, is it possible that he admits defeat?
Feeling aggrieved, Wu Jia has no combat 西安足浴spa effectiveness at all. He has to hold on and the referee doesn’t stop, what can he do?
As for playing the ring, he had this thought several times, but Wu Jia avoided it.
“Then kill you. If you don’t believe in the referee, you won’t take action!”
He didn’t want to fight anymore. Wu Jia’s injuries became more and more serious. It really killed Wu Jia. The referee was unlucky, and he was even more unlucky.
What’s the situation with Zhao Ming, Wu Jia obviously has no combat effectiveness at this time, and hasn’t announced the result?
On the side, Zhao Min