ounded again, and the man’s physical condition seemed to have reached its limit. He stopped and did not continue to move forward.

“I’m going to that place soon.” The man’s voice came from the phone: “I still feel a little bit sad, I should accompany them more before.”
As the man spoke, Chen Ge’s pupils diminished. He used his vaginal pupils and found that There is a figure far away.
The man was sitting in the middle of the railroad tracks, and in front of him was an endless track extending into the darkness.
It’s him?
Chen Ge ran towards the person, slowly, a little light appeared in the dark night.
The whistling wind sounded, and the man’s voice came from the phone: “I have seen the place I want to go. It is bright. The light is slowly approaching.”
“Quick! Get out of there!”
Chen Ge knew the light very well. What is it, the train is coming!
He threw away the bag and rushed towards the dark shadow.
The sound of the 西安品茶网 train moving in the phone became clearer and clearer, and Chen Ge got closer and closer to the dark shadow.
He stopped paying attention to other things, and at this moment there was only 西安耍耍网 one thought in his mind, pulling the dark shadow away.
Sprinting with all his strength, Chen Ge saw the speeding train, he bit his lips with blood, and bit his scalp to move on.
If there is a third party, it will feel like Chen Ge is actively crashing into an oncoming train in the distance.
“Go away!” In the
blink of an eye, Chen Ge had already rushed to the dark figure.
Before the train came, he reached out and grabbed the shadow.
With cold palms, Chen Ge grabbed the thing and rolled out of the rails without thinking about it.
The train passed by, and it was only a few seconds behind.
His whole body was soaked in cold sweat, and Chen Ge had never been so afraid when facing the red shirt.
The wheels were crushing the rails, and the sound was so heavy that Chen Ge was relieved until after the train passed.
“Are you okay?”
He 西安夜桑拿论坛 hurriedly looked at the black shadow he