ng it.

The strong of the ten thousand races are extremely depressed!
At this moment, they have to comfort Su Yu, you still have hope, don’t despair, otherwise people will be desperate and still care about resources?
“Su Yu, think about your father, you are really dying, what will your father do? Leave a lot of resources for your father to make your father strong, and it is also a kind of sustenance!”
“Su Yu, I know you are very kind. , Your teacher, your master, they are all waiting for your return.”
“Su Yu, 西安足浴spa exchange a lot of Tian Yuan Qi, soaking in Tian Yuan Qi, can delay the corrosion of death Qi!”
“It’s better to die than to live,” This is also the old saying of your human race that you really want to continue to seal the city, those people in the city, you can’t kill a few people, yes, invincibility is coming, your human race invincibility may cause trouble, then? How many people can your human race invincible come, yourself I know!”
“Even if you die, most people will come out alive, you won’t get anything!”
“Su Yu, think about it!” The
gods, demons, immortals, and dragons are all persuading and comforting Su. Yu, won’t die so fast.
There is hope!
They felt that they had to give Su Yu a little hope. Niu Baidao, the bastard, actually felt that Su Yu was hopeless. They thought that Su Yu could still save themselves. When a 西安品茶网 person had no hope, wouldn’t it be crazy?
This time, even someone from Hunting Heaven Pavilion spoke, “I checked the ancient information, and if the Xingyue Monarch who is indeed hopeful to get rid of dies, you can get rid of the conversion of ordinary people, and the undead is dead. There is the next necromancer to connect, the monarch is converted, and you have reached the highest level. Kill the monarch and you can be free!”
Look, we are all trying to find a way for you, you still don’t want to give up!
Su Yu is a little sluggish at the moment, let me go!
I don’t know, I thought you and I were in the same group, and Niu Baidao was the bad guy!