d stuck in the middle of the road.”

“He said that if the house is demolished, the clues to the case will be completely gone, and the murderer may never be able to catch it anymore.”
“I don’t dare to imagine how he spent these days, look at him thin. Rucha, suffering from all kinds of diseases, but it lasted for five years until the case was solved.” The
doctor said to the end, he was feeling emotional, he saw that Chen Ge had not spoken, so he continued talking.
“We also respect his opinion, so we called you over. This case is his obsession. You helped him fulfill his wish, so my father thank you very much.” The doctor gave Chen Ge a number: “This It was the phone call from the notary office. The old man divided all his property, including the apartment building, into four parts.”西安足浴spa
“One donated to the Lost Children’s Foundation; one donated to the Jiujiang Public Security Bureau for a reward. Pursue a fugitive wanted criminal; a gift to you as a reward for fulfilling his wish; there is also a gift that is also you, but the content is that you can take care of his granddaughter. If you have no opinion, please contact the notary office as soon as possible people in touch. ” ”
I have opinions. “Chen song after a long time finally spoke:”?. people are still, what legislation will make every effort to treat you until the last moment, do not give up, ”
the doctor would like to say, Chen Ge waved his hand: “Can I stay alone with the old man for a while?” In the
face of the windfall, Chen Ge did not act very tempted. This was not the same as the doctor thought. He asked Chen Ge a few words. Went out.
The door of the 西安桑拿夜网ward was closed, Chen Ge sat on the side of the bed, and he placed Xiao Xiao next to the old man’s shoulder.
There seemed to be crying in the room, faintly, and could not hear clearly.
Chen Ge gently grasped the old man’s hand, skin and bone, as if holding a dead branch buried in the 西安洗浴网 snow.
“Old man, Xiao Xiao is still here, you are her only relative.” Chen Ge didn’t know if