h price for a one-time buyout.

Someone thought of something, and hurriedly said: “It’s over, isn’t the war academy now that the number of tens of thousands of stones will skyrocket, then we”
suddenly, some people thought of this.
The Civilization Academy is pretty good, and it’s fairly restrained. The situation is already like this. It is conceivable that this technique will 西安足浴spa be passed on to the War Academy and it will cause such a disturbance!
The students of the War Academy are probably going crazy!
Especially some geniuses!
It’s too difficult to get together!
It only opens more orifice points. The genius version only has 30 resuscitations, and there are also overlapping ones. Normally, there are more than a dozen or twenty resuscitations. The genius lasts three months to complete it, but it can save them at least two years. , Enter Wanshi Jiuzhong.
The researcher on the stage didn’t care about it, and laughed: “And Su Yu is also applying for research at the end of the year. It’s terrifying later. I think he has a high probability of passing. Once he succeeds, he can become a researcher. a! while others, such as Wu Jia, Wu Lan, Robert Hu, a few people, because it is collaborative development,西安夜桑拿论坛 research assistant in the application title, our universities, then I am afraid to be more a researcher! ”
His words caused again It was a sensation!
Researcher, assistant researcher!
Those talents went in for a few days!
too frightening!
Someone couldn’t help but said, “Teacher, it was really developed by the Yuanshen Research Institute. How many days have they been listed?” The
researcher laughed: “Really, that’s why I said they are all geniuses! In just one week, Su Yu and the others have collected thousands of exercises and reviewed tens of thousands of materials. I also thought that the research institutes formed by the students were more joking. It turns out that you should not underestimate anyone!”
“This method is now officially named. For the “Double Wu Harmony Method”,