celerate time. As a result, someone told him today that he was wrong. What you understand is not the power of time, but the speed!

The two are completely different!
Su Yu continued: “Okay, you retreat, you 西安品茶网 have a better future than most of the people present. By yourself, you may also be able to step into Hedao! It is better to rely on yourself!”
“Thank you, the Lord!”
Xiao Zhou Wang was a little at a loss. In a word, he was deeply shocked. For a moment, he felt that Su Yu was omnipotent!
Su Yu looked at several special invincibles, and soon looked at King Daming and said: “King Daming!”
King Daming stepped out, Su Yu looked at him and said: “You have your own way, but you can’t touch it. Deep, one formation is actually good! But you are disturbed by the physical dao, and your physical body is quite strong. I will take you through the long river of time in the follow-up. It is best to walk the way you are good at by yourself, and the physical dao can be used as a support.”
King Daming had some understanding and some 西安桑拿夜网 incomprehension, so he nodded.
Isn’t he a strong formation?
Is it just a physical powerhouse?
“The King of Great Zhou, I don’t need to say more!”
Su Yu looked at the King of Great Zhou: “You have your own way, and you know a lot. You don’t need me to mention anything!”
The King of Great Zhou looked at him, Su Yu also looked at King Da Zhou. King Da Zhou was silent for a while, and bowed slightly: “What the Holy Lord said!”
Su Yu didn’t let him go: “Your great power has been in business for many years and has not been punished by rules. Maybe it’s not this period! I don’t care about it, you are strong, I am very happy! But remember, this era belongs to me! ”
This is his era!
The King of Zhou was complicated and difficult to understand for a while, and he bowed slightly again: “Zhou Tianqi, remember it in my heart!” The
others all had strange faces and different moods.
Today’s King of the Great Zhou has lost the calmness of the past, som