d wanted to advance, so it would be fine to suppress it.

Someone murmured, really cruel, disaster in the mountains and seas, weak?
This fierce man swallowed in one bite, and the casting sound continued. Obviously, such a catastrophe did not hurt Su Yu the slightest.
No matter what, Su Yu continued hammering frantically and blending into the page.
The blood cloud continued to converge.
The murderous soldier must be punished.
The void is half white and half red, the red is the blood and the white is the divine power.
Holy demon body!
This time, the 6 pages of the book were integrated, and with a bang, a gold pattern appeared again, 78 gold patterns, and the 西安桑拿按摩网 blood cloud once again turned into an afterimage, killing Su Yu and the book.
Su Yu held the hammer in his right hand, turned his fist in his left hand, and blasted the fist, exploding the blood shadow!
The next moment, a god appeared, the word “blood”, the god of blood, rich in blood, and the remnants of the blood cloud were absorbed instantly, and no signs of existence were directly seen.
Su Yu continued to forge and continue to blend in, and the blood clouds in the void also gathered again, stronger than before.
“Crazy little guy!” At
this moment, Void, Tiange, Minister Tianbu shook his head, “He customized a lot of materials, far more than these, this may be just the beginning, this guy is going to the heavenly soldiers! I see , If this continues, there will be a catastrophe of the sun and the moon!”
“It’s crazy, I thought 西安夜网论坛 he was really just forging a holy soldier, but it turned out to be good, forging a blood soldier, this guy is still very murderous!”
“Who I would believe that he forged a sage soldier. I didn’t believe it at the beginning!”
A group of invincibles all started 西安耍耍论坛 talking. It’s also a pleasure to watch Su Yu’s casting soldiers. At least, this guy didn’t really only cast the ground soldiers before he stopped. , Is also a kind of enjoyment.
The rule is not always present.
Chapter 525 R